‘Blueprints for the roiled’, presents Ellie Chalmers-Robinson’s ongoing meditation on the experience and nature of the known and unknown.

Chalmers-Robinson’s paintings are simultaneously controlled and unyielding, and loose and expressive: harsh and delicate. The treatment of these elements, moving between moments of lucidity and disorder, hints at the presence of a space between opposites. This space, which is one of both becoming and undoing, emphasises the fluid potential that exists between a nihilistic unknown and ideology. The ambiguous and open nature of the structured components found in the work further highlights the potential for elaboration and meaning in the space between the known and unknown.

Ellie Chalmers-Robinson is a painter living and working in Melbourne, Australia. She graduated with First Class Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2015. Recent exhibitions include Heuristic at Arcade in 2016, ‘A Space that Holds’ at Chapman & Bailey in 2016 and the Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Exhibition, in 2015.