Douglas’ series of paintings act as a testing ground for emergent relationships between three-dimensional sculptural structures and two-dimensional mark making.

Creating physical disturbances on the flat plane of her paintings, Douglas investigates methods of breaking up the rigid spatial constraint of the flat canvas by working with removable modules, demarcated areas and non-objective assemblages. Douglas likens the geometric assemblages in her paintings to small engines, creating chaos within the structural painted grid that has become a central focus of her recent work. By navigating the painted grid with clusters of sculptural elements, Douglas lets chaos erupt in the form of an arbitrary visual rhythm.

“Douglas occupies, quite literally, a space in-between. Neither figurative nor abstract she eschews traditional three-dimensional configurations or flat, non-objective space. In its place Douglas offers a skilful (and often playful) interweaving of line, form and colour that changes dramatically from one canvas to the next.”

Quote by Rodney James, Holding Pattern (exhibit. cat.)March 2016