Max Lawrence White’s exhibition is centred around colour and its infinite combinations, readings and meanings.

In contemporary life, colour is experienced in a fleeting, transitory manner influenced by our fast-paced lifestyles and attachments to technology and social media. Within this experience, there are no rules or boundaries in regards to the interaction of colour. Intense artificial hues are combined with hues from more natural origins.
Acknowledging this has lead to a process within White’s studio that embraces chance, choice and curiosity in order to recognise this new experience of colour. In this process, traditional and conventional approaches to colour are abandoned and disharmony is embraced.

The primary aim of White’s work is to challenge the viewer’s fraught understanding of colour. Through the presentation of colour combinations inspired by contemporary everyday experiences, the audience is presented with a conception of colour that is free of historical and theoretical baggage. Colour is stripped of conventional connotations, superseding linguistic expression and becoming autonomous. The viewer is thus invited into an experience in which the full potency of colour is manifest.

Max Lawrence White is a Melbourne based artist, practicing in painting. White completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT in 2011 and received an Honours degree in Fine Art from the Victorian College of The Arts in 2012.

This body of work was developed in a Creative Spaces managed studio. Creative Spaces is a program of Arts Melbourne at the City of Melbourne.

Exhibition details:
Opening Wed June 7th – 6-9pm
continues to June 24th