Five Walls Projects is pleased to present O,o,o,o. (David Palliser / Philippe Vranjes)’s collaborative project, ‘Trachea’.

‘Trachea’ is a sculptural installation, produced by the artist collective O.o,o,o. The exhibition focuses on strangeness of experience, material reality and the possibility of making models of sensations of living. Utilizing various approaches and techniques in sculpture, painting and the visual arts at large, O,o,o,o.’s installation incorporates improvised and pre-conceived uses of materials and gestures, constructions and projections.

The exhibition embraces the concept of trachea as a transitional space between the internal corporeal world and the world outside the body. Trachea is both pre and post ‘mouth’. Recognising the strangeness of contemplating this phenomena offers itself as a rich zone of investigation

David Palliser is an artist working primarily with painting and works on paper. He also plays regularly as an improvising musician in both solo and group settings. The visual and sonic streams of his work deeply inform each other, often creating a disjointed and unfixed world, characterised by surprisingly resolved visuals and free-flowing sounds.

Philippe Vranjes is a visual artist who uses a multi-form approach to sculpture, painting and photography. Philippe is interested in corridors and corners, and places that are not in the centre. Philippe’s practice currently focuses on paying homage to the local contexts of experimental and noise music and to the world of potentialities they exemplify.

O, o,o,o. was formed in 2015 after a week-long residency (Hearse) at Conduit Arts.