August 30 – September 16, 2017



Communication is play. Like playing a fish on a line, we reel it towards us and play it out in a tug-o’-war of understanding. Like a game, we play at communicating, observing rules and noticing when the rules are broken. We play a role when we communicate, taking on positions and personas. As with a machine, communication has a degree of play or give or slack in the spaces that mechanisms of understanding move through or operate in. And communication is flickering and fleeting, sometimes entirely ungraspable, like the play of light.

passed , repeating last : is a group exhibition addressing the boundaries of communication. Ruby Joy Eade, Yolunda Hickman and Gabrielle Amodeo have practices rooted in the operations of communication, and each reworks found elements—whether they be language or object. Using systems, formulas, tasks and performance, the artists revel in the play found in the human necessity to communicate with one another.

RUBY JOY EADE is an artist and writer working in printed material, object-based installation, public intervention, and sculpture. Her work explores connections between empathy and communication, inter-personal relationships, and the vernacular languages of public and private spaces. In 2014, Eade completed a BFA (First Class Honours) at Massey University, Whiti o Rehua, School of Art.

YOLUNDA HICKMAN is an artist working in the wider fields of digital print, drawing and painting, aiming to test the potential of image and meaning. In 2016, Hickman commenced Doctoral studies at Elam School of Fine Arts, with a focus on the slippage between abstraction and representation through the limitations of communication.

GABRIELLE AMODEO is a conceptual artists and writer living in Wellington. Her current research investigates that—although slightly incongruous—intimacy, as a form of reading, is pertinent to the practice of conceptual art. Amodeo graduated her MFA (First Class Honours) at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2008.