August 30 – September 16, 2017

In Ian Wells’ paintings, allusions to tabs, folds and slots and the deliberate misuse of the symbols of cardboard packaging, tease our sense of recall with recognisable forms.
The resultant paintings contain an array of odd and unlikely shapes. Forms are intersected by creases, cut lines and separate panels, interrupting our attention to the bigger picture. Images appear within the paintings, indirectly referencing little-known and indistinguishable forms that exist in industry and consumable products. In the interstitial passages of painting, the viewer is left to recognise and make sense of elements that skirt the boundary of recollection. The viewer’s perceptual re-ordering and ‘filling in’ of these disregarded and frequently discarded forms is an attempt to make sense in an undetermined environment, neither new nor old; an uncomfortable, difficult third.”

Ian Wells exhibits regularly at Galleries and project spaces in Melbourne and interstate. Recent projects include ‘Chromatopia’ at Tacit Gallery and the participation in projects at Stephen McLaughlin Gallery, the Ian Potter Museum and Gatakers Artspace, Qld.