[September 20 – October 7]

Five Walls Projects is pleased to present ‘Facade’, a group exhibition curated by Patricia Todarello. The exhibition sees the assemblage of three distinct creative practices, setting up relationships through arrangement as an installation that reads through the entire gallery space. Using the idea of Facade, artists Emidio Puglielli, Keith Wong and Patricia Todarello incorporate their particular works to create a dialogue from the perceptions and dualities of meaning. The results are artworks that are negotiations of actual, visible surfaces or a more navigated concept through deceptive appearance.

About the artists:

Artist Emidio Puglielli practice employs photography. Photographs are often perceived as symbols without matter. They, in fact, have a structure that is not separate from the image. The main exchange we have with a photograph is with the image – the illusion. Puglielli is intrigued by the perceived space of this illusion in relation to the actual object (photographic paper) which occupies the space with us. His practice includes damaging photographs as a method of puncturing this illusion to alter their reading. For his work in ‘Facade’, Puglielli engages the material and ‘connects’ it to the image, highlighting the problematic and co-dependent relationship between them. Emidio is represented by Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne.

Keith Wong is an artist who works across spatial interventions, text, fabricated forms and alterations to existing forms. His work explores the cultural operations at play within the fields of social and institutional relations. Tangentially, he is also thinking about work that is orchestrated at the new thresholds of image and object making.

Patricia Todarello art practice is based on painting installation and photography. Her works draw on the unpredictability and chance elements through the simple use of materials worked through the complement of a reductive format. With considerations directed toward the impermanent nature of the artwork, Patricia creates experiences of architecture that challenge and review a visual dialogue. Her work draws on possibilities that effect occurrences within space and time, playing with the concept of audience encounter and the act of viewing, to create visual substance from the non- specific.