October 11th – 28th, 2017

With origins in, and inspiration from a second-hand market, this exhibition uses the chance encounters with the materials and objects, the vernacular forms and structures found there, to influence and instigate an artistic practice based in sculpture.
The market presents an alternative and uncomplicated display of commerce and trade where objects, goods and materials are exchanged and circulated for cash and coins, trash and treasure, rags to riches. It sits at a meeting place, between what is local and what is brought to that location. The market place assembles typologies of things, things that point to elsewhere and some-time past.

Bullock’s artistic strategies for Market Values incorporate dual actions of finding and making, of repeated handling or hand making, soldering physical connections between a world of retrieved objects and sculpture and their apparatus for display.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Michael Bullock is a locally based artist working primarily in sculpture. His practice draws upon time he has spent in Asia, his interest in the passage of people, culture and religion throughout this region, and its epochs of ancient culture, colonialism, modernity and post-colonial life. In 2013, Michael Bullock travelled to Bangalore, India to undertake a residency at 1.Shanthiroad as a part of the IASKA Spaced 2 : Future Recall and Asialink reciprocal exchange program which resulted in a solo exhibition in Bangalore and a group exhibition at the WA museum in 2015 as part of the Festival of Perth. He has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions, symposiums and workshops across Australia and Asia, including The Trail of Time: The Sandalwood Project, Fremantle Arts Centre, (2013) and Enlightenment Figures, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne,(2012); AIR Program, Fremantle Arts Centre, (2011); a window until the rains come: albb Open Studio Program, Pi-Channel Studios, Saigon, Vietnam,(2010).

He is currently studying a Phd at MADA, where he has worked as a technical officer and Teaching Associate. He received a Master of Fine Art (2010) from MADA,PGDVA from VCA (2003) and Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) from Curtin University of Technology (1990).
Image Details: Michael Bullock, Artist Reference Photograph, Bangalore.

Images credit: Keelan O’Hehir