Donna Comfort
Objects for the wall
06.06.18 – 23.06.18

This exhibition presents a series of wall works that Comfort literally calls “Objects”. The simplicity of industrial metals and its link to civilisation with its ideas of progress and “constructiveness” make it the perfect element for works which do not aim to “represent” anything but need to be “intrinsically” meaningful. Moving these materials beyond their Industry/machine functionality to art Object, to build and structure a new life realises new spatial awareness in greater geometric regularity with its own autonomy.

A constructed ordered composition of monochromatic planes of various metals are formed & re-represented as prototypes referencing the wall collectively. The antecedent form of the cross appears in these works as progressions. A sense of fluidity and symmetrical force eludes from the works with an intimate nature.

One could imagine being in an industrial environment when first presented with these works, however metaphorically they represent reductive abstractions that we can engage with and interpret.

These materials are used to articulate ideas and how they exist and interact with space and with each other. They are contrived to create a new reality from their urban modern inception where they lay service for functionalism and formalism, between the machine and the art object.  

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