I use an abstract vocabulary that is used and reused, with diverse and unknown outcomes. These works on paper are about the performative act of painting and the experiential. The outcomes are not predetermined and all works are made with an attentiveness to materials, process, play and an investigation of how colour, structure, paint and touch can be used to invite the viewer to reflect and look more closely. It about little, quiet things that are important.

Robin Kingston’s work investigates possibilities in contemporary abstract painting using traditional means, as well as an investigation of painting, abstraction and site. With a practice spanning over four decades she has exhibited in New York, Melbourne and Sydney. She is a lecturer at RMIT University in a variety of studio-based courses in the School of Art. She also coordinates the annual New York Study Tour for the School of Art as she has for the past 15 years. Previously whilst living in New York she studied at the New York Studio School, and Skowhegan. Her interests include abstraction, contemporary painting and drawing, installation practice, materiality, process and play, attentiveness and phenomenology, intuition, seriality and repetition, ornamentation, the performative.

Exhibition Details:
Opening Friday, July 20th, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs July 18th – Aug 4th

Five Walls (Gallery 1)
suite 3, level 1 / 119 Hopkins St Footscray
open Wed-Sat 12-5pm