Chris Henschke
Resonance (Schumann Variations)
08.08.18 – 25.08.18

The flowing tones of a Schumann concerto played by Pierre Joseph Fournier Fourier, a series of harmonics locked in a looping groove of a scratchy record; whilst in the sky above, shimmering Schumann resonances produced by distant storms scratched the upper atmosphere, detected by a VLF radio observatory out the back of Heathcote. Through a chance encounter, they resonated together, slowly unwinding through rotating sine waves, synchronized in that anodyne ionized moment.

Chris Henschke, 2018.

Chris Henschke is an artist who works with digital and analogue media, sound and light, and high-energy physics. Since the end of the 20th Century, he has been exhibiting around Australia and internationally, and he has undertaken a variety of art residencies, including an online artist residency at the National Gallery of Australia (2004), an Asialink residency (2007), and two residencies at the Australian Synchrotron (2007 and 2010). He recently completed a Ph.D. working at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland, as part of the ‘art@CMS’ collaboration.


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