Annelies Jahn & Sara Morawetz
An Intersection. An Overlap
21.10.18 – 24.11.18

AN INTERSECTION. AN OVERLAP., brings together artists Annelies Jahn and Sara Morawetz to explore the relationship between their experimental, process-based practices. In a series of independent and collaborative investigations, this exhibition documents the collective processes of these two artists; cataloguing through spatial artifacts, performative remnants and site-specific installations.

Reinforced by a shared aesthetic (reminiscent of 60s/70s minimalism) Jahn and Morawetz construct a set of object-to-object, object-to-wall and wall-to-space interventions that are both playful and conceptual in nature, examining how concepts of measurement, space and time interplay in the gallery context.

This exhibition is a conversation between the two artists, with their work intersecting and overlapping within the space.

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