Peter’s work explores the nature of information and how it is generated, distributed and fragmented. Working with sets of fragmented information generated from found imagery, he arranges and paints each layer intuitively in response to the artwork as it evolves. Each work is generated according to the same set of rules and fragments, creating the space for a dialogue between rigid structure and improvisation. Through this process the found images are separated from their associated content and used instead as a means of exploring the practice of painting through notions such as the ‘artist’s hand’, time, intuition, chance and decision making. The found images used to create this series of works are taken from the top ten Google search trends for 2017.

Exhibition Details:
Opening Friday, October 12th 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs October 10-27

Five Walls (Gallery 1)
suite 3, level 1 / 119 Hopkins St Footscray
open Wed-Sat 12-5pm