Cathy Muhling & Louise Gresswell
Frangible Negotiations
28.11.18 – 15.12.18

Frangible Negotiations is an exhibition by Cathy Muhling and Louise Gresswell that explores themes of vulnerability, fragility, memories, and loss.

Sharing these themes both Muhling and Gresswell allows the paintings to be informed by paint and surface. Although the works are made differently through various applications of paint and surface, each artist delights in the process bringing about their own materiality.

Gresswell investigates deeply personal histories and transfers that which is felt from hand to surface. Sensory narratives are created through textured and rich surfaces and via the process of reassembling fragments from failed paintings.

Muhling explores the domain of feeling and the role of dissolution by building up layers of glazes, rubbing back to reveal the past and re-imprinting over time. The work is subjectively allowing the viewer to read the work through self.
Muhling and Gresswell both recently completed their Master of Fine Art Studies at RMIT.


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