Ian Wells
Somewhat Transparent
28.11.18 – 15.02.18

“Plastic is a problem, made with oil, so cheap to produce that it has almost no value. Its disposal and role as a pollutant confound us. Rarely do we look at it with reverence or wonder.” Ian Wells, 2018.

While plastic usually refers to the organic polymers that are pretty much ubiquitous in every walk of life, an alternative meaning is that of being malleable or changed.

Ian Wells presents new works made using Poly Carbonate and Methyl methacrylate ( Perspex ) as elements in malleable or changeable compositions. Using the transparency/translucency and degrees of reflectiveness, Ian configures shadows and reflections that respond to the day’s changing light.

‘Somewhat Transparent’ is a continuation of works with a tenuous interplay of light and shadow, line through the edge and form of transparent material and subtle repetition. Various Acrylic and Polycarbonates sheets and diffusers are used in compositions containing combinations of mobile and fixed elements. Simple wooden framing creates an ennobling context for these common but often overlooked materials, forms, and shapes.

The viewer is reminded of the beauty of the commonplace through the material. Not always easy to see, light is returned as reflections, projected in its absence as shadows or obscured by more opaque elements or glare to reward a persistent viewer. Through this process, the disregarded might be valued.

Ian Wells exhibits regularly at galleries and project spaces in Melbourne and interstate. Recent projects include ‘Abstraction 2018’ a curated show at Five walls Projects, ‘Black & White and Red all over’ a curated collection show, Justin Art House Museum and participation in various projects in regional and Melbourne galleries.

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