Co-curator:  Aaron Martin.
Co curator & on-line artist essay: Billy Gruner.
13.06.19 – 29.06.19

The background theme of ‘New Modern’ discourse outlined earlier in a series of closed-door events held at the Saturation Point in London is by literary conceit to best understood as a related matter in the concept development towards Melbourne. Just as the London events similarly featured artists I would consider foundational to one of the fastest growing genres of modern art after the 20thc century. And given that the central aim for each RNOP presentation is to connect people while highlighting shifting differences and aesthetic concerns between the individual participants, there is, in particular, a relating to or, feeling for disparateness ‘historical precedence’, at the same time. From that vantage, there is at least some critical way to begin commenting on how and why so many contemporary divergent voices within contemporary art are reading each other’s practices so carefully, and in great detail within a single genre. Moreover, it is fundamentally critical to note how these often highly trained artists may be contemporaneously utilising and enacting on individual concerns, while simultaneously developing associated styles or sharing art-critical associations on a flattened out platform simultaneously. That is modern work not seen before. Traction.

(extract from Catalogue essay by Billy Gruner – full essay can be downloaded below)


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Pam Aitken (Au)
Tanya Alexander (Au)
Wahida Azhari (De)
Steven Baris (Usa)
Arvid Boecker (De)
Karin Beyens (Bel)
Louise Blyton (Au)
Christine Boiry (Fr)
Terry Brooks (Au)
Raymond Carter (Au)
Andrew Christofedes (Au)
Chanelle Collier (Au)
Deb Covell (Uk)
Ivo Ringe (De)
Helena Dombrovska (Ukr)
Mikala Dwyer (Au)
Craig Easton (Ch)
Stuart Fineman (Usa)
Kevin Finklea (Usa)
Robbie Fraser (Auc)
Connie Goldman (Usa)
Daniel Gottin (Ch)
Dima Gred (Rus)
Billy Gruner (Au)
Badri Guhubianuri (Ukr)

Andrew Gutteridge (Au)
Alan Hathaway (Uk)
Jose Heerkens (Nd)
PJ Hickman (Au)
Peter Holm (Dk)
Kyle Jenkins (Au)
Jeffrey Courtland Jones (Usa)
Heather Jones (Usa)
Sarah Keighery (Au)
Graham Davis King (Au)
Erdem Kucukkoroglu (Tur)
Emma Langridge (Au)
Karin Lind (Dk)
Aaron Martin (Au)
Kate McKay (Au)
Tarn McLean (Au)
Munira Naqui (Usa)
John Nixon (Au)
Brook Nixon (Usa)
Roland Orepuk (Fr)
Ulla Pedersen (Dk)
Anya Pesce (Au)
Serhiy Popov (Ukr)
Theresa Poulton (Uk)
Marlene Sarroff (Au)

David Schell (Usa)
Karen Schifano (Usa)
Lisa Sharp (Au)
Suzan Shutan (Usa)
Ingela Skytte (Dk)
Jessica Snow (Usa)
Anya Speilman (Usa)
T. Michael Stephens (Usa)
Bogumila Strojna (Fr)
Tiberiy Szilvashi (Ukr)
Masato Takasaka (Au)
Aimee Terburg (Nd)
Patricia Todarello (Au)
LI Trincere (Usa)
Stu Burke (Uk)
Richard Van der Aa (Fr)
Iemke Van Djik (Nd)
Myroslav Vayda (Ukr)
Ian Wells (Au)
Stephen Wickham (Au)
Sebastian Wickeroth (De)
Joe Wilson (Au)
Guido Winkler (Nd)
Douglas Witmar (Usa)
Elke Wohlfahrt (Au)