Kubota Fumikazu
16.10.19 – 02.11.19

In a complicated world, there is relief in limitations. Do not pass go, swim between the lines, keep off the grass. In this series of works, I have created a set of compositional rules within which I must adhere. Use three shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle), use a strict set of angles, and use colours from a 1920s Japanese design guide. What composition can you make? What are the materials saying? What can you do with perspective? What is left when you strip away and reduce? There is plenty of busyness in the world, why add to it?

Kubota Fumikazu arrived in Melbourne from Japan in 2003 and never left. Falling in love with Melbourne’s architecture, he began exhibiting extremely detailed ink drawings across Melbourne’s Artist Run Initiative (ARI’s). After studying a post-graduate diploma at VCA in 2013, Kubota shifted mediums to his current practice – hard-edged, abstract painting. Kubota’s acrylic works on high-grade raw linen are meticulously applied and he uses a range of colours sourced from vintage Japanese design colour books (circa 1930s). Kubota works from his studio in North Fitzroy and can also be found performing as the frontman of Melbourne punk band, Krul.

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