Donna Comfort
Objects for the Wall (Continued)
16.10.19 – 02.11.19

This Exhibition of new works is a continuum of the Artist’s 2018 show, “Objects for the Wall”

These serial examinations of structure, with their repetitive systematic modular systems and tensions of the square, investigate the border zones of Constructivism, Concrete Art, & Minimalism.

These works continue to use the primary structure of painting, seeking a language to further expand ideas around conventional painting and its relationship to the wall. Beyond the two-dimensional picture plane, works become constructed objects with a carefully thought-out exercise into material investigations of various metals.

The simplicity of industrial metals, and their link to civilisation with its ideas of progress and “constructiveness”, make them the perfect element for works which do not aim to “represent” anything, but need to be “intrinsically” meaningful. Moving these materials beyond their Industry/machine functionality to an art Object, to build and structure a new life, realises new spatial awareness in greater geometric regularity with its own autonomy.

A constructed ordered composition of monochromatic planes of various metals are formed and re-represented as prototypes collectively. The works aim to achieve a clarity with rigorous democratic presentation in the absence of compositional hierarchy. Elements of surface markings take a deliberate place of compositional strategy. The antecedent diagonal cross presents in some of these works as progressions with horizontal and vertical concerns of the grid ever present.

A sense of fluidity and symmetrical force eludes from the works with an intimate nature. These works are contrived to create a new reality, from their urban modern inception where they lay service for functionalism and formalism, between the machine and the art object.

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