Christoph Dahlhausen and Michael Graeve
12.02.20 – 29.02.20

Frontsidefrontreflectivefrontsidefront performs a series of plays with depth and surface, with front and side, with visual action and inaction.

This collaborative installation builds on recent solo and collaborative developments in Christoph Dahlhausen’s and Michael Graeve’s solo practices, where we have thematised the divergence between front and side, figure and ground, surface and body. Christoph’s Bodies series are works of highly polished gloss enamel surfaces on thick aluminium panels that reveal a sharply reflective honeycomb pattern on their sides. Michael’s Positive Negative Front Side series are works that interplay the painted surface with the stencilled edge, foregrounding both in performative ways.

Christoph Dahlhausen (Bonn Germany) and Michael Graeve (Castlemaine) have collaborated since 2006, developing a series of nuanced dialogues in German and Australian venues. Recent collaborations were shown at raum2810 Bonn (2006), Place Gallery Richmond (2009), Incinerator Gallery Mooney Ponds (2017), and a forthcoming project for Beethoven Reloaded at Stadtmuseum Siegburg.

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