Sean Hogan
18.11.20 – 05.12.20

Divisible is an exhibition by Sean Hogan presenting three interconnected but separate bodies of work: Colour System 01, Interlace System and Spaceframe System.

Presented to be read as a collective or as individual pieces, these system based works are created by developing sets of rules that instruct their formal aesthetics: geometry, colour, line, proportion and material.

Through the idea of the ‘system’ in both the physical and digital realms, notions of evolution, similarity, difference, growth, movement and repetition present themselves. These works consider our simultaneous engagement with both tangible and digital spaces and act as a reflection to our ongoing relationship with the screen as a portal.

Sean Hogan is a Melbourne based artist and designer. For 25 years he has been the director of the art and design studio, Trampoline. His artwork has appeared on the cover of Wired Magazine and used for Apple Music’s electronic music playlists. Sean has won awards across three main design institutions in Australia: the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA). In 2018 Sean exhibited a 32 panel painting (Paintings 20-51: Chart Form configuration) at LaTrobe Art Institute in the group exhibition, Chart Form. In 2020 a collection of 30 of his digital artworks were published and presented at the Shanghai Art and Design Book Fair in a large poster book titled Sean Hogan: 30 Works 2014-2020.

A special thank you to Sam Fagan at SteelScale and Ryan Ward at United Measures for their assistance and expertise in the realisation of these works.

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