Ben Kelly
Glitter’s just fancy litter
09.12.20 – 26.12.20

My exhibition is part of an ongoing exploration within my practice of using photography to dissect how a camera sees and how we view images. Through the use of post-capture processes such as printing, scanning, re-photography and collage – sometimes in combination with physical objects such as stickers or biodegradable glitter – I pull images apart and reassemble them, creating new states that question as much as inform the viewer as to what they are looking at.

Photos taken using film, DSLR and smartphone are often a starting point rather than an end product. The repeating motif of windows and views from windows echoes how most images are seen – on a glass screen. Mostly landscape based, they exist free of time and place; some images taken as recently as this month and others taken more than 10 years ago. They could be anywhere; sometimes feeling very familiar, sometimes quite foreign.

While heavily photographic in nature and process, I try to create works that don’t rely on an inherent knowledge of photographic production and history to derive meaning; they can be enjoyed equally whether by a member of the public or by a professional photographer.  

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