Troy Ramaekers
Blue Notes
10.02.21 – 27.02.21

This exhibition presents a new series of paintings developed from a standard 22-inch bass drum. The work explores an aesthetic interpretation of a decrescendo, which is a diminishing passage of notes in music. Based on their monochromatic colour, each series of paintings borrows titles that make a reference to blue, which has been used widely as a theme in music for its connotations to nature, mood, and the infinite void: (1) Kozmic Blues; (2) Tangled Up In Blue; (3) It’s a Blue World; (4) Almost Like the Blues; (5) Goodbye Blue Sky; (6) Blue Monday. These are songs that have also experienced their own disappearance over time, through their unique histories that have shifted in the flux of popular culture.


Image:  Blue Monday (3,4), 2020, enamel on canvas mounted on bass drumheads, each 58 cm diameter. 

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