Ham Darroch
I See Red 2020
26.05.21 – 12.06.21

I see red 2020 is a series of paintings that explore the sphere as a motif. The discs are flattened and spread out using colour to create passages of pictorial depth. The colour structure of these paintings pushes heavy amounts of red through blue and green creating a charged surface that questions colour as a way to consider space. At certain stages the work feels red and the initial crisp shapes blur and begin to merge and conceptually emerge from folk law to a romantic admiration of art histories.

This work was originally exhibited at the Drill Hall Gallery ANU, Canberra 2020.

In addition to I see red 2020, Ham Darroch will create a new wall painting in Gallery 1 and exhibit sculptures that explore the dialogue between sculpture and painting where sculptural objects and physicality have a pretext or are the matrix used to create paintings. Each object resonates and these acoustics resonate within the pictorial spaces of the paintings.

The new wall painting will be created and develop over the course of a few days leading up to the exhibition opening on Friday evening.