Laurens Simmonds
Contemplations on Perspective
26.05.21 – 12.06.21

Contemplations on perspective by Lauren Simmonds is an invitation to optimism through a series of bold and playful sculptural works which challenge the viewers perception of space, line and form. Referencing geometric forms from the natural world, the work follows key themes from previous works exploring light and transformation of the two-dimensional plane. Through her work Simmonds emphasises the interconnection of all things in nature to highlight the intricacy of the natural world and fragile ecologies.

Lauren Simmonds’ practice crosses drawing, sculpture, installation, choreography and performance. She often uses her body as a medium to traverse these artforms. Previous works have taken the form of immersive kinetic installations that are part performance, part anthropological study and part sculpture.

Lauren’s practice encompasses themes of mysticism, symbolism, energy and biological rhythms. These form together to conceptualise the invisible forces of our inner and outer worlds.

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