Anna Caione


13-10-21 – 06.11.21

The inspiration for this body of artwork is centred around Martenot Method, a French philosophy based on body proportion and mathematical natural body alignment. Key to the Martenot method is the practice of the gesture of body movement, and how this translates into geometric shapes. The artwork functions as a means of exploration through the process of creating for the viewer to conceive an intangible atmosphere conceived within the work.

My practice generally focuses on an individual approach to abstraction, I frequently draw on my Italian heritage, from where the title of this show ‘Strato’ (meaning ‘layer or coating’ in Italian), comes. Working within the parameters of the white monochrome the works occupy a space between philosophy and poetry. The colour white is neither a hue nor tone, neutral nor a non-colour. It best relates to the notion of nothingness or the void and may present as, a moment of silence, an ending or death. 

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