Trevor Richards
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13-10-21 – 06.11.21

Trevor Richards lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. A consistent feature of his practice for the past twenty years is a formally structured minimalist approach using a limited color range, allowing him to draw a unifying thread between diverse aspects of his production of paintings, prints, sculpture and architectural interventions.  He has sustained a long and evolving career, exploring the conversation between structure and intuition, allowing  the circumstances of his life to generate new works. More recently he has extended his practice into public commissions.

The series of diptychs showing in gallery three are comprised of equally sized non identical parts. Each pairing is painted a monochromatic  orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue and black. The gap between each part is adjusted to allow the supporting wall to be an element in each work, exploring spatial tension and subtle chromatic  effects. These works can be viewed as either/both painting and sculpture, presenting a variety of simple physical relationships. Mirrored profiles are placed side by side or above and inside one another, sitting together to suggest a singular yet separated form.

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