Magda Cebokli
The Root of the Square
09.02.22 – 26.02.22

I visited The Alhambra in Granada, Spain in 2007.  On return home, I made a number of small studies based on my response to, and reading about, the site.  A return visit was planned for 2020 but had to be cancelled because of Covid.  My intention had been to refresh my experience of the place and to see how this would be reflected in new work. Since it didn’t seem likely that this return trip was going to be possible in the near future, I decided to work from the studies I had already made and from further ideas which had arisen from them.  

The paintings in this exhibition are thus a first response to, and memory of, the impact of that space.  They are an abstract reflection on the harmonics of space and light and how these are expressed through ratio, shadow and the use of reflection.

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