Adrian Corke
20.07.22 – 06.08.22


My art making process has always been a synthesis of the many fragments of my memory and experience – the juxtapositions of time, culture, and place. These relationships connect me to the world, help distil my thinking and provide a process for deeper inquiry. Ultimately, they manifest in the union between the intuitive and the formal, the spiritual and the mundane.

The act of painting becomes the mechanism for formal investigations into the organisation of the picture plane, and the arrangement of colour and pictorial space into new combinations of pattern, colour, and texture. I generate my works through a ‘collage’ approach that utilizes analogue and digital processes.

Painting is my method for meditating on the world and my lived experience of it. The artworks I create, all contain the residue of previous marks but also the residue of my lived experience and all the sensory input that filters through consciousness; they are an investigation of space, real, imagined, and psychological.

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