Evan Whittington
Beat, Back Back, Beat Back
10.08.22 – 27.08.22  

“Breakbeat science is the physics of rhythm.
It impacts at levels barely explicable in normal languages of sensation.
Beats become abstract at the point when the body succumbs
to sensations which induce a gulf crisis in speech,
when language falls away and fails.
Kodwo Eshun, More Brilliant Than the Sun

Beat, Back Back, Beat Back is a gathering of experimental outcomes, the results of an inquiry into the nature and experience of rhythm. Methodologically, when beats are broken down, rearranged, repeated, embodied and expressed, time and space are manipulated, coaxed, caressed and thrust into new relations with each other and the material within which rhythm is given form. Regardless of the medium and formal language experimented with the results are always abstract, and always point to the inextricable interleaving of time, space, sensorial experience and individual subjectivity, in the creation and experience of rhythm.

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