Kate Hendry
10.08.22 – 27.08.22

Luminations presents a series of artworks developed as a meditation on my memories of watching light through coloured glass and quiet moments lying on grass slowing turning a kaleidoscope. The shapes from these glass fragments feature in the artworks: rotated, simplified, and abstracted.

The works include coloured pairs of pencil drawing and steel sculpture, small pencil drawings and larger monochromatic relief artworks. I am interested in how each selected colour sits on the surface of the paper, on the steel and ultimately in the white box of the gallery space.

My art practice is heavily influenced by the tactile and physical process involved in making work, as well as formal aesthetic considerations. All the mark making in my drawings is laid bare and each relief sculpture is made by hand-twisting every join.

I made these artworks beneath a window looking out onto a world which had grown still through the lockdowns of 2020-2021. This solitude and quiet provided the perfect space to explore new colour motifs in my practice, to play with shape against line and to see how it might translate into relief artworks. The works appear restrained, simple, and light a development in my practice that was critical to navigating the past 2 years.

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