Michael Greaves
Sullivan’s Object
02.11.22 – 19.11.22

Sullivan’s Objects is a reference to time in painting. Time of making, time of viewing, a condensation of both. I feel like the painting is a record of multiple moments, and thoughts that run parallel to the process of considered studio work. I like what Alan Smith said in a recent catalogue essay accompanying the exhibition ‘Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show’ (Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki, 2016) that, “Painting has always occupied a space between the material and the idea, the sensible and the immaterial…(that) a Painting is like a membrane, access-panel, hinge, skylight, fairy fabric, and dream screen…here and elsewhere.” This notion of here and elsewhere speaks to me in the act of painting, of mis-remembering a thing or object of the world which forces you to shift toward a reliance on sensation and experience to image, or imagine, the painting. Elsewhere is now, not an unknown place for the painter but an access to almost everything, at the touch of a screen. I like to actively disrupt this, accumulating layer upon layer of paint onto the surface to realise, and access, the feeling and sensation of the act of mis-remembering.

This collection of work, Sullivan’s Objects, draws its attention towards a fictional character and their collection of objects, in their world. For Sullivan there is an escape into an imagined world of everything, of books, and how books can activate this imagination in unresolved ways. This work is part of a broader series of work to be shown at Five Walls in Melbourne in November of 2022, and again at Melanie Roger Gallery in Auckland in early 2023.

Michael Greaves (b1976) is Principal Lecturer at the Dunedin School of Art. He holds Degrees in both Art History and Education as well a Masters in Fine Arts in painting (Distinction). He has works in several public and private collections in New Zealand, and is represented in multiple private collections in Australia, the UK, Europe and America.

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