Ian Wells
Subject to Change
02.11.22 – 19.11.22

Subject to Change is a group of painted works that Ian created while considering the major changes and shifts that we have all experienced in the last 3-6 years. These intuitive compositions are not a direct reflection of change; yet pervasive deliberations of all that goes on around us still has its effect.

The delicate and often multi-panel picture field has deliberately awkward compositions partially resolved with a tenuous balance. The multi-paned works extend upon prior investigations. The content has emerged in disparate forms, unevenly distributed with each painting taking a unique path.

The work’s titles are only an identifier in gross function. These phrases are taken from topics and interests, such as the tenuous balance of the changing social contract with its constrictive “terms and conditions’. The titles may be instructive to the viewer of the context in which the work was created.

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