Stuart Gluth
Drawing with Light
25.11.22 – 17.11.22

Designing with plain or unmarked paper to interact with light to communicate ideas, express visual concepts and explore the visual possibilities of the ‘non-objective’ (in Malevich’s terms) form, and equally exploiting the tangible physical nature of the interaction of the material and light.

Currently consisting largely of embossed paperworks, it also includes similarly ‘abstract’ or ‘non-representational’ backlit layered papercutsto visually explore the possibilities and permutations to explore the underlying ideas of minimalism and non-representational design.

However, some of the work will represent abstractions from recognizable or familiar forms to give the more non-objective work a context, for instance the accidental art of a carelessly replaced cast iron inspection point cover or the leaf impressions left from slipshod concreting interacting with fallen leaves and the shadows of overhead leaves

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