Patricia Todarello ‘Moments to Regard’

Patricia Todarello Moments to Regard 01.08.14 – 30.08.14 Suggestions of space and scale, light and time Moments to Regard at Five Walls Projects introduce my first observations and initial creative inquiry that resolved through a three month occupancy at a private commercial property in West Melbourne that I committed to leasing out and trying something … Read More

Ian Wells ‘Minor Context’

| September 14 -October 27 | At the core of Well’s practice is  the investigation of what constitutes painting. His paintings in their reductive format explore composition,  scale and materiality. In Minor Context  Wells tackles the vexed question of how and in what context a painting should be displayed. Carefully constructed cabinets fixed to the gallery walls … Read More


| Aug 3 – Sept 8 |   Light Discussions offers a display of simple assemblages in reductive format that create interplay between painting and photography forward light and reflection as complimentary mediums, affecting the viewers use of space experience of time through light and lightness. From 2001 to the present Patricia Todarello has been actively … Read More