Michael Graeve & Steven Rendall

Mud & Clarity
August 30th – September 16th, 2023

Steven Rendall & Michael Graeve

We will use these items of sub proposals to structure the work – akin to an employee’s performance plan. (The first few are missing)

19a. We audit the space for moisture with Michael’s Crommelin® Moisture Meter.

19b. This meter has 2 metal pins that may leave small teeth marks that can be used as starting points for further decisions/works.

20. We have a 60-page SharePoint document to mine for more references…

21. …

22. A non-functioning studio: How to make paintings without a studio (which is too damp, or too full already).

23. Resist the exhibition description – that way we can keep things open

24. There will be a naughty painting standing in the corner.

25. Use ‘tonal shifts’ in our references to create new possibilities – ie: the apparent discrepancy between Sarah Jessica Parker’s Born Lovely perfume (2018) and Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis (unfinished, published 1626)?

26. Make Michael’s paintings funnier.

27. Make a pact with Black Sabbath (the 1970s incarnation) (this should have been item 13, but the document renumbered the list).

28. Paintings are pseudo people – how can we prove this

29. Looking at paintings the wrong way is better than the correct way – discuss (and prove)

30. This is more efficient (??)

31. Include other people – collaborate more

32. Include things that aren’t paintings (such as silver tarpaulins)

33. Disambiguate this list to fill the Exhibition Description.

34. Is the exhibition a diagram of the slops and slimes of painting?

35. Is the exhibition a tabularisation of mud vs clarity?

36. Another six words may be used