Susan Andrews

August 30th – September 16th, 2023

Susan Andrews Catalogue

This exhibition of work continues my ongoing enquiry and explorations into seriality, measurement, and perceptions of space in object-based painting. The formal simplicity of the work pays homage to modernist abstraction while the wooden supports, protrusions and extensions create gaps and spaces that pose slippery questions around our relationship to the real, the imagined and the abstract.

These works have been developed from existing measured pre-cut ply and reassembled wooden off-cuts. The reformation of these off-cuts creates a visual counterpoint between the planar surface, edges and spaces of the rectilinear forms and create a conversation between intent and unexpected outcomes in the production of work.

Measurement is an important tool in the development of the work as it defines the boundaries of the constructed shape and retains an element of control and predictability. However, these constraints and limitations stimulate my perceptual enquiry in the overall development of the object’s embodied architectural and psychological spaces referenced in the realisation of the final work.

Mid-line conjures associations to the box like structure of the body’s core stability. The proximity and placement of the works in Mid- line reference this core stability while generating an engagement with a broader framework of ideas associated with containment, division, and displacement. The works require slow viewing from multiple perspectives and engage the body in an intimate and ambiguous conversation between the viewer and the surrounding architectural space within the gallery.