PaulĀ Thomas
Quantum Chaos
18.05.22 – 04.06.22

Paul Thomas creates ways he might visualise quantum phenomena. Exploring different processes that involve expressing previously, intangible, inaudible, inexplicable, unseen spaces. In his paintings he builds up acrylic brush marks in multiple layers then uses striated squeegees. The squeegees setup consists of four different laser cut lengths of plywood with teeth set apart at different intervals positioned on the edge. He then disrupts the paint surface to express spaces that suggest an unseen liminal space between classical and quantum microworlds.

A second digital series of works involves photographs of felt fibres. Thomas correlates scientific speculative quantum chaos distribution data set with the colours in the photographs (given as RGB numbers). He then uses a sorting algorithm written in collaboration with Jan Andruszkiewicz that repositions all the pixels in his photographic images, creating animations that reveal new patterns. These patterns are the fabric of the liminal zone between classical and quantum worlds. His search is for ways to visualize probabilities of position and momentum that characterize uncertainty in the quantum world.

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