Marlene Sarroff
Transitioning Realities
18.05.22 – 04.06.22

Marlene Sarroff creates easily collapsible, moveable temporary structures as a 3D floor installation. Over many years she has explored ideas relating to our perception of reality, random patterning also a strong interest in physics and the multiple possibilities that emerge from exploring patterns. A complex system, is a study of systems made of many components – not themselves necessarily complex. This installation, is exploring, or connoting some aspect of complexity, by using complex systems as a way of exploring within the creative space. A floorwork is created out of interlocking identical laser cut cardboard and plywood parts, creating structures that are considered from the point of view of the whole, rather than the single parts. Arising from the assembling, the two transitory structures have an indeterminate nature, created with emphasis on modes of organisation and interrelated arrangements creating a unified whole. Many possibilities are created by reorganising the single parts of the structure, shifting, disseminating and altering the overall shape, adding further complexities to be explored. Possibilities arise by rearranging them into new formations within the floor space and shifting the relationship by the spatial consideration and the viewing audience.

Interconnecting parts are a necessary element in the assembly of each system.

Some balancing precariously to make a shuffling non linear structure absent of symmetry, whilst contrasting with the connecting balanced patterned symmetry.

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