Sarah Robson
Interventions in Time
18.05.22 – 04.06.22

Interventions in Time presents a selection of felt and bronze artworks examining the perceptible qualities of time and space as orchestrated through the formal, informal and intangible properties of an artwork. The works position, philosophically and practically, the rational and the organic side by side in order to unite assumed polarities and nominate aesthetic experience as a complex of mind/body engagement.

The density and flatness of the felt merge surface and support, freeing the works from definitive categorisation. Front is no longer oppositional to back, edges are excised and untethered, positioning is provisional. The felt’s malleable materiality absorbing not only paint and sound but time itself. Each piece draws in time as an accordion takes in air, gathering together a temporal space of quietude. Through the dynamic potential of (and within) each artwork stillness becomes enlivened, inviting the viewer into a resonant space of encounter.

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