Neo Violet

Amarie Bergman  Neo Violet  Jan 14 – 31

Position Point (Pull My Strings) #47 web

Digital Reductive  Feb 11 – 28

Caroline Collom Between the Lines Mar 4 – 28

Fiona Morgan

Fiona Morgan  Fold Apr 8-May 2


Ray Carter  Stripes May 6-30

Betra_Fraval_2014-Distance of the moon.029

Betra Fraval   the rope doesn’t hang… June 3-27


Peter Summers  not here over there  Jul 1-25

Carlo Golin  double trouble Aug 3-27 

Shelley Jardine  geometric shifts Sept 2-26

Lee Mullen on shore off shore Oct 7-31

Nick Berry  Object/_Archive Nov 4-21

Aaron Martin car jacking Nov 25-Dec 5